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This calculator is based on real customer data, as reported in the 2016 TGSM Case Study. The potential results are based on the average results seen by customers who are actively using the asset and conducting marketing activities. Your actual results may vary.

Drive fans to your venue & events and retain them 75% longer

When provided a premium tailgating experience and interaction, fans arrive early and stay longer. The TGSM Premium Experience builds a repeat fan base that grows exponentially week after week and delivers continuous verifiable ROI.

Secure your brand for the future

Millennials are rapidly gaining more buying power, but most of them aren't attending your events. The TGSM experience brings millennials to your venue and engages them so they become a permanent part of your fan base. By adding additional family and friends beyond the baby boomer demographic, you help secure your brand for the future.

TGSM grows your fan base by helping you:

  • Retain fans 75% longer
  • Increase foot traffic by 220%
  • Drive more Millennials to your venue
  • Grow female demographic by over 150% over the season
  • Target the fastest growing Sports Fan Demographics

159% growth in your female fan base

The TGSM experience delivers immediate and long-term results with Premium Luxury amenities that attract a large female audience. After experiencing The TGSM activation footprint, men invite their spouses/girlfriends to the next game. Through word of mouth, your female attendance grows quickly. The female demographic is extremely brand loyal and will continue to participate in your events. Their purchases start with team merchandise for the entire family and quickly move to tickets, driving them from the tailgate into the venue.

See the Pro Football Case Study

Potential $$$$ - How much are you stepping over right now?

Don't leave money on the table. You're currently losing revenue because your potential dans are staying home and watching games on TV instead of coming to your events. The tailgating lot can produce future growth, and has a large earning potential.

  • Keep fans onsite at your venue for up to 5 hours
  • Drive growth with a new and influential fan base
  • Reduce your hard-costs
  • Add multiple Revenue Streams with the TGSM Interactive Experience

What is fan DNA data worth to you?

Can your grow your sales by 50% or more by knowing your Fan DNA?
How do you reach out and touch them all year?

You can accomplish all of this and more with a TGSM Unit in every parking lot that allows you to collect fan data including:

  • Geographical data
  • Social media profiles
  • Real-time, opt-in IP data collection
  • Fan Conversion: from parking lot to venue
  • Fan demographics including age, gender, and income

Are you ready to increase your fan base and boost your revenue with an interactive experience your fans will love?

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