A fan experience that delivers verifiable ROI

The most effective way to drive revenue is by learning more about your fans. The TGSM Interactive Fan Experience drives fan engagement and captures verifiable fan data to give venues and advertisers more ongoing opportunities to boost revenue and maximize ROI. You receive actionable Fan DNA in real-time dashboards and reports that include:



Social Profiles

Social Media Dashboard

Ad Viewership Analytic Dashboard

Wi-Fi Footprint

Fan Conversation

When you have access to accurate data about your fans, you can personalize your messaging and develop brand loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Get Verifiable Fan Data

Immediate and Long-term ROI

TGSM drives fan engagement and data collection. We are able to measure, track, and compare your growth from event to event, and season: demographics, population, generations, and foot pattern in real-time measurable conversion into the venue.

For Venue Owners
For Advertisers

ROI Calculator

Use our ROI tool to see how a TGSM event grows revenue for venue owners.

ROI Results

$356 ROI from 1 fan

 ROI with New fans

 ROI with trailers

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Venue Owners

  • Mobile App: Real-time Pushes and opt-in fan analytics
  • Mobile App: Digital Ads with Purchase capabilities
  • Sponsors are eager to connect with Fans and measure their response
  • Continue to grow your revenue through increased merchandise, food and beverage, and ticket sales

Impressions Calculator

Use our ROI calculator to see how the TGSM Fan Experience grows your targeted audience.

ROI Results

$120  ROI from 1 fan

  ROI with  New fans

  ROI with  trailers

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  • Proven ROI backed by detailed data and more opportunities for targeted campaigns that convert
  • Actionable insights into your customers
  • Expand your reach faster and more cost-effective than other methods
  • Know your Fans - Analytics and Detailed Data: including mobile IP, Purchasing Power, and Preferences
  • Mobile App: Real-time Pushes and opt-in fan analytics
  • Mobile App: Digital Ads with Purchase capabilities
  • Increase foot traffic by 220% or more

Experiential Marketing results are 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your fans. Organizations with big data are over 70% more likely to convert fans.

Tailgating lot without TGSM:

  • No investment in Tailgating Area
  • Many Anonymous Fans
  • No personalized messaging to fans
  • No information on Fan Behaviors
  • Small Loyal Fan Base

Tailgating Lot with TGSM:

  • 40' X 40' Activation Footprint
  • 8,000 sq ft WI-Fi fence
  • Large Digital Wall with Branded Messaging
  • Billboard Monitor broadcasts the game and pre-game coverage
  • Social Media hooks and contact lists
  • Premium Sound System
  • Luxury restroom experience
  • Fan Engagement Interactive Digital Games and Competition
  • Big Data - Demographic breakdown, number of male/female users
  • Analytics - How long each message was viewed
  • Over 450,000 Impression during a 6 hour tailgate
  • New Revenue Stream
  • Real-time coupons and special offers pushed to mobile devices
  • Proven results to grow your loyal fan base up to 1333%

Keep fans engaged longer

By combining interactive media with convenient and luxurious amenities, TGSM helps you attract more fans and keep them engaged longer. You'll capture them during the event and stay connected long after they leave. Our fan engagement includes:

8,000 Sq Ft Wi-Fi that captures unique mobile ID of all users

Selfie Booth integrated with social media for quick sharing of branded photos building a significant database

Real-time dashboard with fan contact information

Real-time push notifications with detailed results

Are you ready to create a fan experience that generates more revenue and delivers lasting ROI?

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