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Are you looking to give your fans a memorable tailgating experience that will boost attendance and revenue for the whole season and beyond? We've put together this collection of case studies, videos, and sample dashboards so you can see the incredible benefits of the TGSM experience. Whether you're ready to get started or have additional questions about how it works, contact us today for maximum ROI at your next event.

Case Studies

Real data that demonstrates the amazing results of the TGSM experience.


Get an inside look at the actionable data you'll get from TGSM.

Dashboard 1

Data Analytics - Dwell Times

  • Dwell times at each of the 22 touchpoints
  • Volume, and duration of viewed branded messages
Dashboard 2

Data Analytics - Overall Impressions

  • Overall Impressions at each of the 22 touchpoints
  • Overall impressions
Dashboard 3

Mobile App Analytics

  • Marketing Content Click Rate
  • What content is resonating with customers?
Dashboard 4

Social Media Performance

  • Platform performance
  • Volume of Engagement by Platform


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