Maximize ROI with the ultimate brand immersion experience for your fans

Connect your brand to fans like you've never been able to do before with the TGSM Interactive Fan Experience. Here's how:

From the time your fans arrive until the time they leave and beyond, they are completely immersed in interactive media that will have them raving:

  • Your fans walk into the event and see the interactive TGSM trailer
  • A Wi-Fi notification on fan's mobile devices encourages them to use the free Wi-Fi and connects them to the venue app
  • Fans enter the trailer with over 50 touchpoints of digital interactive games and screens to provide an immersive branding experience
  • Fan interactions create a collection of data including duration and volume of your message and detailed demographic breakdown
  • Interactive selfie booths upload a branded photo to the fan's social media accounts as well as sponsor's and venue's accounts
  • Facial recognition technology configures targeted messages on all interactive screens based on age and gender (Phase 3)
See the TGSM Experience in Action

We collect your fan's DNA

Fans at the event become engrossed in the interactive media and games. From the moment they enter and every time they connect or interact with any touchpoints, TGSM's exclusive technology gathers critical data you can use for target marketing efforts.

  • Fans opt-in for free Wi-Fi and TGSM collects mobile IDs for push notifications that include coupons and offers with an industry average of 30% redemption
  • Traffic flow data gives you insight into patterns and behaviors of your fans
  • Drive more Millennials to your venue
  • Fans leave tailgating lot or event space and still have the app, allowing for continued tracking
  • Social media connection before, during, and after your event

Customized Deliverables

TGSM delivers a custom fan experience that's strategically designed to produce immediate and lasting ROI. Venue owners and advertisers get a boost in attendance and more impressions on your ads. You'll connect directly to fans and capture data that creates personalized targeting opportunities and ongoing revenue. By enhancing your event with the TGSM experience, you'll receive a Data Package that includes:

  • Wi-Fi Captured Mobile Signature
  • Technology Dashboards: number and length of view at all touchpoints
  • Exterior Viewership: volume and length of time
  • Detailed Compilation of measurable demographics
  • Social Media Dashboard: photo, social accounts, and demographics
  • Fan Conversion: From Parking Lot to Venue

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