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Interactive Marketing Data

Deliver an Interactive Fan Experience that drives more traffic and more revenue. Passionate fans will develop lasting connections with your brand, and you'll capture verifiable data that keeps you in front of customers with real buying power.

Venue Owners

  • Capitalize on Mobile App and Digital Ads
  • Secure new sponsorship opportunities
  • Boost merchandise, ticket, and food & beverage sale
  • Grow your Female Fan Base starting at 150%
  • Raving Fan Experience
  • Capture thousands of leads with verifiable contact data
  • Substantial Revenue Stream
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  • Capitalize on Mobile App, Digital Ads, Pushes, and opt-in fan analytics
  • 75K+ Impressions per hour with an 85% Retention Rate
  • Verifiable fan data with mobile IP and social media addresses
  • Experiential Marketing with Brand messaging with WI-Fi beacons
  • Re-targeting opportunities to build brand loyalty
  • Personalized user engagement experience
  • Unique & impactful branding platform
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Return on Investment

  • Capitalize on Mobile App: up to 79% increase in overall revenue growth
  • Create stickiness, boost sales, and increase leads
  • Verifiable Fan DNA with mobile IP and social media addresses
  • Big Data in real-time dashboards
  • Geometric growth by number of units & number of events
  • Millennial Interactive Marketing Experience
  • Increase foot traffic by 215%
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120 Seconds of Undivided Attention

Your brand, messaging, & products will average a full two minutes of consumer attention.

Use your ads to increase fan engagement and drive higher response rates.

Your Ticket to Producing Lift, Loyalty, & Conversions

Capture leads by connecting with digital interactive screens and games that appeal to Millennials and younger Baby Boomers.

Immediate Interaction with Your Audience

Market to Your Target Demographic

Receive a Detailed List of Captured Leads



The TGSM Trailer: It’s clean, it’s fresh, it’s interactive, it’s an experience, and the Ladies love it!"

- (5) Millennial Male Fans, (1) Millennial Female Fan


The second I walked in I saw TVs! It was the most amazing Tailgating bathroom experience I have ever had. I will Tailgate 20 times more because of those bathrooms."

- Millennial Female Fan


This is the most phenomenal thing ever! They need to get rid of all these porta-potties and they need to have more of these."

- Millennial Male Fan


It was incredible! The bathroom was clean. I could wash my hands with soap and water. The TVs inside and trivia on the screens in the stall… It was fantastic!"

- Millennial Female Fan


I liked that when you walk in you see a huge TV screen, but you can still see yourself…which was really cool. 1,000 times better than porta-potties."

- Millennial Female Fan


This is not like walking into a regular bathroom. No nasty bathroom smells, and TVs everywhere...I’d rate my experience at a 10…more like a 12"

- Millennial Male Fan


It was actually a lot bigger than I thought. I really enjoyed the space in each stall. It smells a lot better, and on a scale from 1-10…I would rate it a 10!"

- Millennial Female Fan


It was night and day. It was by far the best bathroom experience I’ve had. It smelled good, there was music, and actually there is a TV in there! That was amazing!"

- Female Fan


That is the craziest bathroom I have ever seen. I felt like I was on Cribs! It was A. Really, really clean, and B. Air Conditioned."

- Millenial Female Fan


I Love the TV in the mirror. Very Cool! As soon as you walk in, it’s an eye catcher!"

- Millenial Female Fan 2

The Numbers Never Lie

Get ready to boost your brand like never before.

95 % of advertising in a restroom is read by consumers

98 % of consumers who read restroom ads view them favorably

85 % of leads are retained after viewing restroom marketing

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Connect 365 Days a year through Social Media and Coupons and Offers through Push Notifications

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