Revolutionizing the Tailgating Experience

We Deliver a Premium Luxury Restroom Experience

that Drives Fan Engagement and Loyalty

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Interactive Features

Deliver an experience that is fully-immersive, state-of-the-art, and interactive. Your powerful marketing hooks connect passionate event-goers outside of your venue to offerings within your event space.

Venue Owners

  • Revenue Generating Opportunity
  • Enhanced Attendee Event Experience
  • One of a Kind Sponsor Opportunity
  • Connect with Passionate Tailgaters
  • Healthy & Environmentally Friendly
  • Capture Thousands of Leads


  • Unique & Impactful Brand Opportunity
  • Brand Messaging with Wifi Beacons
  • Personalized User Engagement
  • Smart User Identification
  • Tracking & Recording Metrics
  • Smart User Identification & Follow Up

Return on Investment

  • Aim. Shoot. Win. Skills Challenges
  • Magic Media Vanity Mirrors
  • Exterior 80” 3D Jumbo Event Display
  • Interactive Media Displays
  • Wall-mounted Message Displays
  • Interactive Gaming Displays

120 Seconds of Undivided Attention

Your brand, messaging, & products will average a full two minutes of consumer attention.

Use your ads to increase fan engagement and drive higher response rates.

Your Ticket to Producing Lift, Loyalty, & Conversions

Capture leads by connecting with digital interactive screens and games that appeal to Millennials and younger Baby Boomers.

Immediate Interaction with Your Audience

Market to Your Target Demographic

Receive a Detailed List of Captured Leads

Put Your Brand Where It Can't Be Missed

Boost business for stadiums, tailgating associations, event promoters, and venue sponsors.

The Numbers Never Lie

Restroom Advertising Metrics

95 % of advertising in a restroom is read by consumers

98 % of consumers who read restroom ads view them favorably

85 % of leads are retained after viewing restroom marketing

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